Magento 2 – A series of interviews with leading influencers

Magento 2 General Availability is getting closer and is expected over the next couple of months. The community is getting stuck in with the Beta code available on github ( and provided feedback, testing and reported fixes back to Magento.

So to celebrate the release of Magento 2 I’m planning a series of interviews with leading Magento contributors around the world and present a weekly portrait on my blog. I will interview developers, solution specialists, CEOs and other key stakeholders from Magento Partners and also client side. I’m currently interviewing the first three in the planned series, and I will disclose some names and teasers when the first interview is closer to being published.

Until then, why don’t you enjoy some great reading from the Magento community about Magento 2? Here are some links:

Max Yekaterynenko’s post about building a CustomerGrid module
Joshua Warren’s slides on Magento 2 from ZendCon 2015
James Cowie’s Magento 2 and Composer tutorial is nearly ready to go, and here’s a preview!
Magento 2 cheat sheet of all dispatched events
Magento’s Ben Marks tells you how you can contribute to Magento 2 github library